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Sir Lance A Lot High Pressure Cleaning Services

Terms & Conditions

Sir Lance A Lot Cleaning Services aim to give you the best possible service when it comes to cleaning your property with our highly pressurised equipment. We endeavour to take every precaution to ensure that no damage is done to your property or the surrounding area.

However due to the high-pressure equipment and other equipment we use we can, at times, cause a small amount of damage, movement and displacement of the area we are treating. This may come in the form of stripping away any bonding agent used in the securing of brick, paving work, loose tarmac, concrete, cement, decorative stone, shingle, roof tile dislodging and this list is not exhaustive. There are differing levels to the amount of dirt and grime that can accumulate on an area where Sir Lance A Lot will clean and this can lead to varying final results from property to property.

We will not pressure wash any area where there are any electrical cabling or devices nearby. Any electrical points, sockets, cabling or other features must be pointed out to the operator before any clean takes place. Any areas that are difficult for our equipment to reach will not be cleaned due to the angle of our hoses, or due to the length and angle of the clean.

Whilst we make every effort to remove as much water and waste as possible after we have washed an area there are certain circumstances where we may not be able to remove some of the waste. This should however clear in time.

All quotes for re-sanding are estimates only and the price may increase or decrease depending on how much sand may be used. Price per bag of kiln dried sand is charged at £8 each and an extra charge for the application of the sand will be applied.

Please note the area to be cleaned will get very wet and dirty during the cleaning process! Any organic debris collected during the cleaning process will be left on site in an area of choice by the client. Please ensure that all doors and windows are sealed properly as water can sometimes enter gaps that are not properly sealed.

During a gutter clearance/gutter wash we may encounter problems or difficulty if there are gutter guards in place which include “Gutter Brushes” or “Gutter Covers” fixed to the structure. Whilst we make every effort to give a thorough clean of the gutters these can impair the process and may move or dislodge during the clean. If any do become dislodged or removed during the process, we may not be able to place them back on due to the restrictions of working at height. Please be aware that we are not a professional window cleaning company.

During a moss removal service, we aim to remove between 80% - 90% off all surface moss. The method we use is a carbon fibre extendable pole and specially designed heads to “scrape off” the excess moss. This process means we do not have to stand on any part of the roof as the clean is done from the ground or with the help of a ladder. Some moss may be difficult to remove and could require the use of biocides. Please note we do not provide a biocide service which means a small amount of moss may remain after we have scraped off any surface moss. Please be aware that once moss is removed it may expose leaks, damage or other structural problems on the roof.

We ask that all the areas that are to be cleaned are free of any garden furniture, plant pots, ornaments, bins, tools, vehicles, tripping hazards and animal waste prior to our attendance. A separate charge may be applied if we have to remove any obstacles. This is due to debris that may be displaced and fly up during the cleaning process that could cause damage to your property. If there are any problems with moving items, then please let Sir Lance A Lot know as soon as possible and we will try and help where we can!

During the cleaning process should you need to get the attention of the operator please wait until the equipment is not in use. Please do not enter any area that is being cleaned and please ensure all persons and pets are kept away until the operator has finished.

We ask that you inform your neighbours that we are cleaning your property. If they have vehicles, furniture or other items nearby then we ask that these are also removed from the area to prevent any potential damage caused by the pressurised equipment. We make every effort to keep residual waste and water off other properties but sometimes this may be impossible due to any drainage issues that we encounter. There may be a small charge on top of the agreed price if we have to clean any adjoining properties due to your clean.

During any initial inspections we may use extended camera equipment or a drone to capture footage. We are accredited through the Civil Aviation Authority to operate a camera drone and please let any neighbours know that this equipment may be used near their property. We also use many of the images for advertising our services and for social media purposes. Please let us know if you would rather that no images were taken or placed on social media.

Sir Lance A Lot reserves the right to not start a clean or stop the cleaning process at any time if we feel it is unsafe to carry on or for any other legitimate reason. A “set up” charge will still be made if we have attended the address but are unable to complete the clean due to the terms and conditions not being met.

Reasons for this may include…

The proposed area not being clear of enough obstacles in order for the clean to be completed.

Animal waste not being cleared away.

Person(s) continuously entering the area being cleaned when it is unsafe to do so.

On the majority of occasions, a site visit is carried out to carry out a full inspection of the area to be cleaned. A more precise quote is obtained and then sent via email. Where site visits are not possible and accepted quotes are agreed via email, messaging or other means we reserve the right to alter the price based on new information once a job is in attendance. This will be discussed before any work is undertaken and agreed by all parties.

Any charges for parking incurred by Sir Lance A Lot will be added onto the final invoice where applicable.

By using Sir Lance A Lot High Pressure Cleaning Services, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

If there are any questions about anything then please let us know!


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