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Cleaning Services

Professional Softwash Technician

Sir Lance A Lot is a London City & Guilds accredited Softwash Technician. This enables us to use powerful chemicals to reduce and remove various lichens, bio organisms, black spots and other naturally or artificially occuring stains from a wide range of surfaces using various powerful chemicals to achieve the best possible results!

Steam Pressure Washing & Cold Pressure Washing

Using our brand new vehicle mounted steam cleaning equipment we are able to steam clean outside areas in excess of 100 degrees Celcius. This powerful hot and cold system uses three different delivery systems that is able to pump out up to 18 litres of water per minute ensuring that even the toughest of dirt is safely removed. 

Gutter Clearance

Using our SkyVac Industrial 85 gutter cleaning equipment we are able to remove any excess debris from the guttering up to 40 feet high. Using our specialised wireless CCTV camera system we can inspect your guttering from the safety of the ground and you can see for yourself what (if anything) is in your gutters!

All CCTV gutter inspections are carried out free of charge and prices per clean start from £60. Included in that price is a yearly inspection at no extra cost to ensure your gutters stay in the best possible condition. Full terms and conditions are listed with every free no obligation quote!

Soffits & Fascia Cleaning

Using our ultra light weight carbon fibre extendable cleaning equipment we apply a cleaning solution through our water fed pole and gently scrub the dirty area. We clean off all the dirt under the gutters, around the fascias and on the soffits leaving them free of grime that may have collected over the years.


We recommend before the cleaning process takes place, all gutters are inspected and cleared out. This is to make sure that no more dirt, grime or organic debris falls onto the cleaned area during and after the process. 

Soffit Fascia Cleaning Uttoxeter Staffordshire Derbyshire
Moss Reduction
Roof Cleaning Moss Removal Uttoxeter Staffordshire Derbyshire

Using a selection of specially designed shaped scraping blades we are able to remove excess moss from buildings that could be causing long term damage to the structure of your roof. By gently applying pressure in a downward motion on the extending pole and blades we can work off the moss and bring it safely down to the ground without the use of high rising equipment.


All moss removal services also include the removal of any excess debris that may be caught in the gutters during the cleaning process using our SkyVac.


Prices are quoted on an individual basis.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can cause a negative perception on the local community, attract further anti social behaviour and in some cases it can be threatening, abusive and unsightly. As well as being unsightly it can have a negative effect on the economy of the local area


Sir Lance A Lot is able to remove most types of graffiti from porous and metallic surfaces and uses a tried and tested method of reduction and removal. 

Please contact us for price.

Grafitti Removal Uttoxeter Staffordshire Derbyshire
Graffiti Removal Cleaning Uttoxeter Staffordshire Derbyshire
Camera Drone Inspections
Camera Inspection Gutter Clearing Uttoxeter Staffordshire Derbyshire

Sir Lance A Lot is fully registered and insured drone pilot having gained accreditation through the Civil Aviation Authority. 

This allows us to complete inspections of guttering, rooving and other structures from the air in a safe and controlled environment. All clients are welcome to view the footage in real time whilst the drone is in flight to see for themselves what state their homes of workplaces are in whilst a full survey is carried out.

Please be aware that certain weather conditions have to be met before any flight can take place and strict guidelines are adhered too during any planned aerial inspection. When drone flight is not possible we use an extendable camera to obtain video or still footage of any structure.

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